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Welcome to the Free State Provincial Supply Chain Management Best Practise Toolkit

The aims and objective of the Toolkit are to:

  • provide a systematic and uniform approach to supply chain management covering all the elements of supply chain management.
  • provide a documented body of knowledge, processes and forms that represent generally recognised best practices in SCM for institutions to implement and/or benchmark against;
  • target users from both PFMA and MFMA; 
  • provide “how to” guidelines for conducting supply chain management activities including providing forms which underpin each process;
  • improve compliance to reporting requirements;
  • train and induct officials (given the recent high influx of new entrants) on the actual content and system;
  • assist provincial institutions with achieving the 2014 (and beyond) clean audit objective, as it was realised that most audit findings emanate from non-compliance with SCM processes;
  • provide non-SCM practitioners (CFOs, Accounting Officers, MECs, etc.) with an overview of SCM processes in order to inform the decision making processes; and
  • ensure training continuity with train-the-trainer program, which will translate to transfer of skills among SCM officials.


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